Mizuho Kazami
風見 みずほ
Kazami Mizuho


Half Alien & Half Human








170 cm


Galaxy Federation resident observer

Voice Actor's

Kikuko Inoue (Japanese)
Bridget Hoffman (English)


Hatsuho Kazami (Mother)
Maho Kazami (Little Sister)
Kei Kusanagi (Husband)

Mizuho Kazami (風見 みずほ Kazami Mizuho) is a character from Please Teacher!.


Mizuho (as alien physiology is only hinted at, and growth rates may be different for the un-named alien species she is partly derived from) is a 23 year old half alien, half human, Class C Planet Inspector from the Galactic Federation who, was sent to delta DES 8228 (Earth) to observe and study humans. Mizuho came to Earth to monitor the planet, but was inadvertently seen by Kei Kusanagi as she was just landing on Earth. Although she did not trust him at first, she started to become attracted to Kei and eventually falls in love with him after they shared secrets about their past to one another. In a conversation with Maho KazamiKei learns that she is the youngest member of the GF Observers ever to gain a license.

She is stripped of her surveyor status in episode twelve. Also from Maho, we learn that Mizuho apparently has never had a romantic relationship, which is verified when she admits as much to Kei. Her first and only romantic relationship is with Kei as he is her first and true love. She gave him her first kiss and chastity copulates every night.


Mizuho is a very beautiful young woman with long hot red hair that is tied in a ponytail which is styled in tube-like ringlets with bangs hanging on the left and right side, purple eyes and large breasts.

Space Outfit Edit

She wears a black suit that is cut in the middle, black gloves and black boots.


Mizuho is a kind, calm and well-behaved person.


Mizuho is a teacher in Kei's school and she is seen as Kei's teacher. But back at home, Mizuho and Kei are actually married. They keep this a secret from the school's other teachers, students and Kei's friends only it is seemed at some ending episodes that Ichigo Morino and Koishi Herikawa gotten to know about Kei loving their teacher (Mizuho Kazami).


One of the main conflicts in the story involves Mizuho and how she tends to have great jealousy and misjudgment. She even went to great lengths to spy on Kei Kusanagi while he was hanging out with a friend from school, Koishi Herikawa, in a date set up by Ichigo Morino. Also, when Mizuho's mother held Kei hostage in a hotel.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Mizuho means "abundant rice" in Japanese and "harvest" in the figurative sense.
  • Mizuho's surname Kazami means "wind" (風) (kaza) and "to see" (見) (mi).
  • Mizuho loves eating pochy, a Japanese snack food that is a biscuit stick covered with chocolate. She eats Pochy because it reminds her of her dead father; an empty box of Pochy was all Mizuho has left of him. Her mother and sister are also seen eating it in several episodes. Pochy is a fictional version of an actual snack known as Pocky.
  • Mizuho's catch phrase is "Saiyūsen jikō yo!" ("This is a priority one!").


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